Michael Cohen: Manhattan Prosecutors Already Have Enough Evidence to Charge Trump

, Michael Cohen: Manhattan Prosecutors Already Have Enough Evidence to Charge Trump, Nzuchi Times Breitbart

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen predicted Thursday on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that Manhattan prosecutors investigating the Trump Organization have enough evidence to file criminal charges.

Discussing the Manhattan probe, Kimmel said, “Is this going to be the one? I know you said you expect in the next 30 to 60 days, something will happen that Trump will be charged with something. You went to jail. Rudy might go to jail. His lawyers all seemed to get a punishment. How is this guy able to dodge it?”

Cohen said, “When it comes to the Department of Justice, and I’ve said this in many many tweets, the wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually they do turn full circle. Understand you are not just fighting anybody. You are fighting somebody that has money behind him and the former power of the president of the United States. He will fight like the dog that he is. He is hiring lawyers. I am not impressed with any of the lawyers he hired.”

He added, “He’s in trouble, Allen Weisselberg’s in trouble, Weisselberg’s kids, Matt Calamari, Rudy Giuliani, they’re all in trouble. Why? Because there’s documentary evidence that’s in their possession. They don’t really need Weisselberg or Calamari. One of them will flip to save themselves. And once you get Calamari, you don’t need Weisselberg. When you get Weisselberg, you don’t need Calamari. But the truth is, they don’t need either of them because they have the documents to prove exactly the illegalities done by Trump.”

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